Being saved is easy.

Being saved conserves your energy.

Being saved means that you hand your power over to someone else to get you from where you are to where you want to be, either emotionally, mentally or physically.

Now, if the building is on fire, I am more than happy to hand over my power to the strapping fireman who is going to carry me out of the burning inferno – that is a no-brainer!

What amazes me though is how many people apathetically approach their lives by having an expectation that “someone else will take care of it”. They whinge about their life, their work, their relationship, their financial status, their health, their family and friends, and they seem to forget that they– yep – they are the common denominator!

I remember the first time I heard the saying “participate in your own rescue”. I was doing a three day course with Alexi Panos and her husband Preston Smiles. I admire these two teachers greatly, and the courses I have done with them have been incredibly valuable – life changing in fact.

Alexi was coaching one of the participants who was really struggling to take action in a particular area of her life. Much of the dialogue was around what had gone wrong and why she was where she was. The woman kept directing the conversation back to the problem instead of the solution.

It was at this moment that Alexi said “You have to participate in your own rescue. It is no one else’s job to ‘save’ you”.

She was quite perturbed by this revelation. I get it: when someone calls us on our bullshit story it can be pretty confronting – especially in front of 80 other people!

The lady sitting beside her jumped in and tried to explain her friend’s scenario in another way – clearly Alexi was missing something!

But she wasn’t.

And she didn’t budge.

This simple statement – you have to participate in your own rescue – is incredibly powerful.

Simply acknowledging that we CAN participate in our own rescue makes us more resourceful and creative in how we approach a challenge. It comes from a place of pure empowerment as there is no dependency on waiting for another person to do something to save you.

Visually represented, it’s like being out in the ocean where your boat has sunk. A rescue boat approaches but it can’t get any closer to you than 100 metres away and you simply refuse to swim over to it. You expect that it should pull up right alongside you so you can climb in. You stay there treading water complaining about the fact the rescue boat won’t come any closer!

That just seems ridiculous doesn’t it?

That a person would refuse to swim over to the rescue boat to be rescued??

Equally ridiculous is that a person would not contribute energy, time or money to change a life circumstance they feel “trapped” in. That person expects that someone else – their partner, boss, family, or friend will take care of it.

There are times in everyone’s life when we just want to be rescued – and of course there are times when that is completely appropriate. But there are also times when we just need to get our own life-buoy or be our own fireman and do the thing that will “save” us.

Will that thing be uncomfortable? Most probably.

Will you be a bit scared at times? Yep.

But guess what, you get to become the Superhero in your life and I reckon that is pretty damn cool!



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