Happiness is wherever you want to find it. The more we see it, the more we can see. Practise finding happiness in all corners of your life and you will experience a new level of pleasure, abundance and joy. It really is a choice, so choose well. Below is just a snippet of where I experience happiness:

Talking with an old friend on the phone and hearing them laugh

Walking bare foot on the grass

Beautiful smells in my home – like candles and essential oils

Seeing the joy on a dog’s face as they chase their ball

Sweating it out in a sauna

Family moments, Friday night dinners, and birthday celebrations

Hearing my favourite song on the radio and singing it full bore

Diving into the ocean on a hot summer’s day

Mince pies and champagne on Christmas morning

Seeing someone have an ah-ha moment that changes their life

Cooking for the people I love

The plane taking off when I am going on holidays

Hugs – the food of the soul

Watching the rain on a winters day when I am nice and warm

Miso soup

Being an Auntie

Seeing animals in the wild

Going on an adventure and trusting that it will all work out perfectly

A hot bath with a great book

Green food – all of it and any of it

Being massaged especially with oil

Handwritten cards

Inappropriate amounts of throw cushions

Losing hours in a bookstore

Coming home after being away for a while

Having fascinating conversations where I learn something

Walking alongside someone on their coaching journey

Babies – both animal babies and human babies

Being amongst the trees

Pretty underwear

Computers and all the amazing stuff I can do on mine

Gelato, preferably in Italy 🙂

Looking into the eyes of the people I love

Sharing a story that makes others laugh

Backgammon and salt and vinegar chips

The warm sun on my face

Stretching my body on a yoga mat

Waking up naturally

Picking a daily card out of a bowl each morning to carry throughout the day with me

Hot water bottles and uggboots

You, for taking the time to read this list.

May your happiness be abundant…

Love Kate-3



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