Tim Ferris, My Kind Of Man

There are many people I admire on the planet, like tonnes!! They come from all walks of life, work in all sorts of different fields, and have all inspired me in different ways. I must admit, I’m certainly not fickle when it comes to looking for new people to learn from or get inspired by.…

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The Secret To Living Is Giving

Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking about Empowerment at the Om Shanti Foundation Cocktail Gala. It was a fabulous night full of beautiful people, great food, and most importantly generosity. I was very honoured that Shanti – the creator of the charity – asked me to speak. Being someone who loves empowerment (particularly the empowerment…

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Verbal First Aid

Words are important. Words create our reality. Words are the pathway to both pleasure and pain. Yet so often we don’t realise that our words can save or break lives so when I heard the term “verbal first aid” I immediately fell in love with it. The term was coined by Judith Simon Prager PhD, a writer,…

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