One of my favourite teachers on the planet is a guy called Dr Joe Dispenza. He’s an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator – and this man certainly knows his stuff!

One of my goals for this year was to revisit an online course called Redesigning Your Destiny that I bought from him several years ago through Hay House University. When I was doing my 2019 reflection, I realised just how pivotal that course had been in helping me attract and create the things I wanted in my life. These things included having even more abundant health; deep and connected love; and work that inspires and fills me up.

As I went back and looked over the last two years I could clearly link some profound changes I’d made with the exact same habits and actions found in the course. By changing my beliefs and thoughts and taking my body into the future – as in REALLY feeling the sense that I had everything I wanted already – my now began to change.

My now began to match my future, and my future became my now.

When you begin to feel like your future is happening right now – like when you begin to feel grateful, overjoyed, or inspired – you are teaching your body in a chemical sense to understand what your mind has intellectually understood already.

Knowledge is for the mind and experience is for the body.

If we really feel the feelings of what we desire we see the pictures in our mind, we hear the sounds associated with that, and our body responds chemically. Our body “locks it in” and now has an association with what we desire. As funny as it may sound, our unconscious mind can’t actually tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t if we give it a clear enough picture with sounds and completely feel the feelings of what we desire.

Not the feelings of our reality right now,

Or the feelings of what we don’t have,

Or the feelings of how there isn’t enough to go around,

Or the feelings of “why this is happening to me – again???”

We often forget that our same thoughts lead to the same choices, the same choices always lead to the same behaviours, the same behaviours create the same experiences, the same experiences create the same emotions, and those same emotions go on to drive our same thoughts.

Round and round we go: reliving past experiences simply because we keep creating them!

When we align our thinking with our future all those things start to change – choices, behaviours, experiences and ultimately emotions.

As the emotion changes it supports more new thinking, and instead of spiralling down to our past, we start to spiral up to our future.

Dr Joe is very skilled in being able to marry the scientific world with the mystical world. He does it so elegantly and persuasively that it seems crazy we don’t understand this phenomenon (and why aren’t we taught it in schools?!). He is incredibly talented at making the complex simple as well as empowering people to be the “captain of their ship” so to speak.

Dr Joe’s core belief is that each of us has potential for greatness and we have unlimited abilities. The problem is that we get in our way, we get stuck in our thoughts and we don’t utilise all that the Universe has to offer us – mainly the Quantum Field.

And the more I learn about the Quantum Field, the more I completely trust that that’s where it’s at! (I promise to deliver a blog on the Quantum Field at some stage in the future)

If you are genuinely committed to having a new and different year, I encourage you to spend some time examining your thoughts and getting some tools to change them up. Trust me, your thoughts will be your weak link!

There are so many great books, including Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  by Dr Joe, YouTube resources, and workshops you can do. And if you’re someone who prefers working one-on-one, I would love to accompany you on your 2020 journey and support you in changing your beliefs and creating an outstanding future. Just pop your details below and I will be in touch for a no obligation chat about how I can support you over the coming year.

Change your thoughts and 2020 will be your best year yet!

Love Kate-3



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