They say that knowledge is power but right now, in the midst of COVID-19 travelling around the planet and our media in a feeding frenzy of fear mongering and panic, that doesn’t feel as truthful as normal.

Much of the “knowledge” being spouted on the TV is dramatised crap designed to keep people glued to their screens for the next update. They are fearful, scared, and oh so malleable!

I am a firm believer in educating ourselves, looking at situations from many angles and asking thought-provoking questions. With the Coronavirus however, the vortex of fear seems to have an incredible pull – and most of us are being sucked into it at the moment.

So how does one protect themselves and maintain a balanced view in spite of all the fear and panic? Education my dear friends, education.

Could there be another way? Is there knowledge out there you’re not aware of which could support you right now?

Several months ago my gorgeous friend,  Kelly Dalby told me about a book called A Guide To Intuitive Healing  by Dr Judith Orloff. Dr Orloff is a psychiatrist, empath, intuitive healer, and member of the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She is also a New York Times bestselling author and has spoken far and wide on the topic of creating and maintaining abundant health through trusting ourselves and our intuition (in addition to using traditional Western medical practices).

I think that at this moment in time, a book that helps people feel in greater control of their health, wellness and healing may be a wonderful antidote to the heightened fear we are being exposed to. Now, to be clear, I am not saying “read this book and you will never be ill again” – a book like that would be amazing! What I’m saying is that knowledge is power and just maybe you are not at the mercy of every little bug or virus that walks the earth alongside you after all.

But that depends on how much faith you have in your own power.

If you have been spending time thinking about how you will never hug a work colleague again, picturing schools as mere disease buckets (hmm actually they kinda are when you consider nits, gastro…the common cold!) then I invite you to seek out some new information.

Information that will empower you and give you a greater sense of control in the face of all this madness – and boost your immune system while you’re at it.

The American Psychological Association  have drawn together a whole catalogue of studies which prove that when we are stressed or fearful, our immune system becomes weaker, leaving us more susceptible to getting sick. So all that panic about not having enough toilet paper, anxiety over coming into contact with virus carriers, and worry about how your job will be affected is increasing your chances of getting ill simply because your immune system is being weakened by stress and fear.

This book gives insight into how you actually have way more influence over your own health and vitality than you may have imagined, and it will guide you through ways to heal quickly. As you may have heard me say before, you are far more powerful than you realise – both positively powerful and negatively powerful…

Choose wisely.

Intuitive Healing by Dr Judith Orloff

Over dinner one night, Kelly shared with me the she’d been perusing her mum’s bookshelf and had stumbled across the book Intuitive Healing. She shared some of the amazing insights she’d read and had me immediately intrigued. I got myself a copy of the book and devoured it over the next few days.

Dr Orloff puts forward the case of trusting ourselves and developing our own intuition (same as the ‘marriage of mind and heart’) alongside using classical western medicine to heal yourself and create more abundant health and vitality.

We are always receiving signs. Always!! But when we are disconnected from our bodies – unable to hear the subtle whisper of our intuition – and don’t trust our inner knowing we can end up in health situations far more drastic than if we’d had an intimate and close relationship with ourselves. Basically, if we had shut up and listened things could have been very different!

As Dr Orlaff says “We are the keepers of our own health”

The book is based around five main steps. Whilst incredibly simple in theory, they’re certainly not easy for some people to implement. Here’s a brief overview of them in Dr Orlaff’s exact words:

Step 1: Notice Your Beliefs 

Your beliefs set the stage for healing. Positive attitudes stimulate growth. Negative attitudes impede it. It’s important to rid yourself of counterproductive attitudes that you may not even realise you have. If you examine your beliefs and choose the life-enhancing ones, you will create optimal wellness. No organ system stands apart from your thoughts. Your beliefs program your neurochemicals. I’m not suggesting that you be a Pollyanna, but that you be completely true to yourself. This will free you from unconscious negative beliefs that can sabotage your healing.

Step 2: Be In Your Body 

Your body is a complex and sensitive intuitive receptor. You must make a commitment to be in it completely to heal. Most people in Western society are conditioned to live from the neck up, ignoring the rest of their body. This stance is counterintuitive. I’d like you to shift that perspective-to appreciate your intellect but revel in your physicality as well. Being aware of the sensuousness of your body opens intuition. Then you’ll become more cognisant of early warning signals your body sends. This gives you a head-start on preventing illness, choosing healthy relationships, and avoiding detrimental situations.

Step 3: Sense Your Body’s Subtle Energy

We are composed of flesh and blood, but also of subtle energy. Chinese Medical Practitioners call it “chi,” a vital substance which penetrates the body and extends many feet beyond it. From an intuitive point of view, these vibrantly coloured energy fields (whose centres are called “chakras”) have a significant effect on our health. For that reason, it is important that we learn to sense this energy within us, recognise when it is off kilter, and learn to correct the imbalance. Feeling energy can be very sensual, an extension of love. Learning to tap into your body’s energy is healing.

Step 4: Ask for Inner Guidance

We each possess an intuitive voice that contains answers about our healing. Because our intellect is often so loud, this voice often gets drowned out. It’s essential that we learn to access the stillness within – though meditation, quiet contemplation, connecting with nature, prayer for example – to gain answers about our health. Spend a few minutes each day devoted to listening to this voice. It may appear as a gut feeling, a hunch, an image, a sound, a memory, an instant knowing – as if a light bulb suddenly switched on. Learn to trust the signals your inner wisdom sends.

Step 5: Listen To Your Dreams 

Intuition is the language of dreams. Every ninety minutes each night during the REM stage of sleep, we dream. Dreams provide answers about health, relationships, career choices, any new direction. The secret is to remember them. I suggest keeping a dream journal by your bed. Before you go to sleep, ask a dream a question. For instance, “Is this relationship healthy for me or should I move on?” The next morning, write down any dreams immediately before getting out of bed. Try repeating the question, every night for the next week until your answer comes. As you develop the habit of remembering dreams, you’ll be able to benefit from this form of healing. As a physician, I have a continual sense of awe for the relationship between body and spirit. As your heart opens, so does your intuition. Your intuition will teach you how to see and how to love. It will instil in you a renewed faith to face anything.

What do you think?

If anything in the above paragraphs has captured your attention, TRUST THAT!! This book is a must read for any person who is wanting to heal quickly or anyone who wants to have vibrant and abundant health. There will always be hiccups along the way – that’s life – but how you deal with them by listening and honouring yourself could literally be the difference between life and death.




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