I believe the Universe has a sense of humour.

But sometimes, I just don’t find it very funny! Like today.

Here’s a bit of background:

Last week a client and I were having a very interesting chat about energy. She was sharing with me that sometimes her thoughts are really quite negative and, because we are energetic beings, she was concerned that it would be impacting her vibration and therefore her experience of life.

She asked me what I thought and I said “Absolutely! Everyone from Dr Wayne Dyer (one of the great spiritual teachers of our time in my opinion) to Deepak Chopra (the super famous doctor who promotes alternative therapies, meditation and the quantum world) and everyone in between talk about this. Our thoughts are the beginning point of much of our experience. We think something and that creates a feeling. That feeling then reminds us of a memory or past experience. Our body then responds by producing the biochemistry to further support the original feeling – and around and round we go.

We then start to believe that we were right all along, but we don’t consider the role we play in creating our experience. Remember that you are far more powerful than you might realise.

I really admire this client as she is super vigilant on holding herself to account and taking ownership over her reality. I received an email from her this morning sharing some beautiful experiences she’s had since our session, after which she had been consciously focused on positive outcomes. Those outcomes were exactly what she got.

So, for someone like me who lives and breathes this stuff, it’s always funny when I find myself in a bit of pickle: puffing my chest out and ready to headbutt the Universe for being a pain in the bum (or for gently nudging me to get back on track, depending on your outlook).

The last couple of days have been a bit ‘blah’ for me. I have had sciatica and I’m honestly pretty average at being in pain. I feel so deeply for anyone who lives with chronic pain. It can be quite energetically draining to remain focused on the positive when there’s a niggly little pain somewhere in your body, and it’s even more difficult if the pain is severe.

This morning though, I was particularly grumpy. I didn’t sleep well and feel like I’ve been getting more and more fatigued over the last few days because this sciatica is really disturbing my sleep. I thought about going to yoga to stretch my body out but was too busy looping on a thought pattern of feeling sorry for myself, getting all my tasks done, and simply getting through the day.

I finally managed to convince myself to go for a swim and to be honest it was a pretty pathetic effort. I did ten laps, spat my dummy and got out of the pool.

“C’mon Kato, what is going on?” I could hear my inner support team asking.

“I just can’t be bothered, it’s all a bit too hard today and I don’t want to” responded my conscious mind. “This pain is all I can focus on and I’m very busy noticing just how difficult everything is today. It’s taking up the majority of my energy and attention, alright?”.

“Wow” said my inner support team, “Someone’s woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. Here’s a gentle reminder Kato: you know how this works. If you keep focusing on what you don’t want you’ll actually create more of it.”

“Just piss off!” my conscious mind retorted.

Fast forward a few hours and I’ve had a handful (not to mention gutful) of annoying problems arise throughout my day. Annoying things that take up time and which have been inconveniencing not just myself but others too, which is something I hate doing! Funnily enough though, I still wasn’t willing to be 100% responsible for the role I was playing in all of this.

My partner sometimes says that I am, wait for it…….STUBBORN!! What the??

Fast forward to mid-afternoon. I am leaving an appointment and fantasising about the amazing salad I’m going to stop and get on my way to see a client. I jump in the car with more than enough time to stop and get my late lunch and be there with 15 minutes to spare. And guess what? My car wouldn’t start!

I’ve had Jules (my car) for two and a half years and NEVER has there been a single problem – she is a little gem and I adore her.

But here I find myself on a stinking hot afternoon, hungry, irritable, and stuck. Then the penny finally dropped.

“Okay, Universe. I see you and I hear you. I am ready to snap out of my funk, but did Jules really have to breakdown for you to get my attention?” I ask.

The quiet, loving whisper in response was, “Well, you ignored the first 17 opportunities we gave you to snap out of it. We had to go large to get you back on track – oh and by the way, you’re welcome”.

I called the RAC – a mobile mechanical service here in WA – and they told me someone would be there within two hours.

Two bloody hours!! At first I wanted to have a whinge but I knew there was no point in that. So, mustering all of my willpower, I got grateful that there is a service I can call where someone who knows about cars will come and assist me.

I called my client – she was very understanding – and we moved our session to the following day. I got grateful that she was so accommodating of my late change of plan.

I walked into the little supermarket across the road and bought a veggie wrap. Actively managing my disappointment that it wasn’t the amazing salad I’d visualised, I got grateful that there was a shop no more than a stone’s throw from where I was where I could get something to eat.

So here I am now, sitting in my car, belly full of veggie wrap, and feeling much more on track with the day. I’m making good use of my time writing this blog whilst waiting for Mr RAC to come and save this poor damsel in distress 😉

Finally I find myself laughing.. “Thanks Universe, you really do have my back!”

Love Kate-3

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