Last night I saw footage of something so deeply disturbing that I am unable to shake it from my thoughts.  I thought maybe if I wrote how I was feeling down, I might be able to make a little bit of peace with it as well as clearly saying to the world, I am NOT okay with this. It was the footage from the Syrian town, Khan Sheikhoun which experienced the devastating chemical attacks on Tuesday.

Watching those young children (and adults) convulse like they had been sprayed with a can of Mortein was nothing short of horrific.  I am truly astounded that on the planet, right now, we still so easily and effortlessly destroy peoples lives, homes, villages and countries.  What the fuck is going on with humanity?

I truly hope that this footage awakens something in all of us to stand up and have a voice that this is not acceptable.  This is not okay in the world we live in today.  All the associated parties are blaming each other and making up what appears to be lies about who is to blame and what should be done.

All I keep coming back to is how does this happen? The thought that a group of people have sat around and discussed chemical warfare as an option and then actually CHOOSE to do this to these people is mind blowing.  I am sure they themselves,  must have wives or husbands, children and elderly parents.  Clearly that does not help them to connect to what they are doing to these people! It does not invoke any sense of compassion or humanity.

It makes me think of the Buddhist monks, who live by the Five Precepts of Buddhist morality.  The first precept is to avoid killing or harming any living being.

When I think of the spectrum of life, at one end we have the Buddhist monks who kill nothing and the other end we have the people who decided to use chemical warfare on innocent people for pursuit of what ever it is that they wanted.  In the middle of that spectrum lives the rest of us.  When I think of it like a seesaw, I really hope that the Buddhist end of the seesaw starts to get more loaded up, that people feel inspired to condemn the violence that is happening in our world right now,  to have a voice and to demand that our governments step in and help these poor people.

I am deeply saddened by all that is going on in Syria and the other parts of the world where people (and animals) are being treated so horrifically.  We need to stand together.


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