I have recently introduced a new practice into my coaching and I am loving it!!

Board breaking

Yep, just you, your hand and a big chunk of solid wood! How rockstar is that??

I have now completed about ten board breaks and it has been amazing to see how my clients step into this place of such profound power after they have broken the board.  They see themselves as capable of anything as they hold the broken wood in their hands, they see infinite possibility and most importantly they bask in that empowered feeling of accomplishment and often, shock that they nailed it so effortlessly.

Hmm, so effortlessly.  How come when we are supported, coached and have someone who TOTALLY believes in us can we kung fu through a piece of wood and own it like gangsta would.  It really highlights to me how much we buy into our own crap, our own limitations.

I don’t write this from the place of me having it all figure out, hell no!  I am just as susceptible to that self doubt and thinking small as the next person.  The difference is, I have created enough references in my life, board breaking, walking on hot coals, walking on broken glass, diving with sharks, speaking in front of 180 people and many other things which have allowed me to feel very scared and yet I did them. I created evidence that I am powerful (and they didn’t all work out prettily either!!)

I have collected all these memories and have filed them in, “When I need to be reminded that I am a ROCKSTAR”.  I use these moments in my memories to remind myself that I can do anything I want, I really am unstoppable if I get out of my own way.  I just have to focus on what supports me as opposed to what keeps me in self doubt.

It’s fascinating how once we start to lose our way or our confidence gets knocked, we decide to do less, play smaller, play safer.  We take less risks and we don’t put ourselves out there “just in case”.  Yet by doing this, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  We just keep spiralling down to smallness collecting more and more evidence along the way.

So I want to challenge you, this week do one thing that stretches you. Do the one thing that you have really been wanting to do but have been putting off because you are focusing on your fear instead of your greatness.

Sign up for a course that you have been looking at but not committing to because it might be a bit tough, do that activity that you are a bit scared of doing but know will make your heart sing once completed or even just make the phone call that you have been putting off and get it done.  If you are truly stuck around this, you simply won’t do that thing, get yourself a champion, someone who backs you with such certainty that you will learn to back yourself in the same way.

A key part to this process, once you have completed the thing, is to CELEBRATE!!  Go wild, jump around and acknowledge yourself, you deserve it!  Then file that new bad boy memory in your own “ROCKSTAR” file and pull it out whenever you need it.



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