Picking my number three favourite TED talk was a really tough ask!

I have spent the week oscillating between several choices and it came down to which speaker has had the most profound impact on me.  That’s why this TED talk, Why We Do What We Do, by my all time favourite Tony Robbins won out.

I attended my first Tony Robbins event back in 2012.  I had just signed up to start my Coaching training and recognised that it would be very useful  for my education to be around amazing coaches.  Having read Tony’s book, Awaken the Giant Within, I knew he had phenomenal insight into human beings and why we do what we do.  Not only that, he offered brilliant, yet simple strategies to help people create profound change. I figured that attending his event would be a great addition to my formal coaching training.

This first event Unleash the Power Within, was life changing for me and set me off on a pathway of becoming a member of the Tony Robbins Family.  Since then I have attended all of his events in the role of a participant, crewed and supported events here in Australia, Singapore and Fiji and recently became a Senior Leader and will now support the events from a coaching perspective.

I will let the TED talk do the talking, it is full of great excellent insights and Tony talks about the The Six Core Human Needs, which is the corner stone of many of the coaching conversations that I have with my clients.

Tony is a heart centred man who has impacted millions of people around the world.  It is an honour and privilege to be a part of his family.



Love Kate-3

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