Vulnerability, what does that word mean to you?

For many of us, it can strike fear into our hearts.  It means being seen, maybe for some even a sense of being exposed.  For others, vulnerability has associations with weakness and a lack of self assuredness.

Yet, when I observe truly powerful people, strong leaders and amazing relationships, the one common denominator that shows up, is vulnerability. These people have the courage, tenacity and an openness that gives others around them permission to do the same. That is a priceless gift, the gift of true vulnerability!

Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston and a New York Times best selling author, has spent the last 20 years studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy.  She says “I believe that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage, therefore . . . embrace the suck”.

Embrace the suck, get uncomfortable, be exposed, let people see you, shed a tear, own your emotion, don’t hide and don’t let shame or guilt steal away an opportunity to grow.

Yet so many of us will do almost ANYTHING to avoid these things!

Over the next three weeks, I am going to be sharing my favourite TED talks and this one by Brene Brown is by far my most favourite. I hope you enjoy this beautiful woman’s wisdom and research as much as I do.

Love Kate-3

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