Outstanding… now that’s a big word!

So what does it take to live an outstanding life?

Well, in my humble opinion, it is about daily and weekly practises that support, nurture, grow, expand, and feed our soul. It’s about doing things that make our spirit feel happy. It’s about taking care of our heart by honouring ourselves.

The good news is that these sort of things tend to be really simple, however the challenge with anything being so simple is that we often dismiss (or forget about) them. A lot of us also don’t appreciate the power they hold.

On this note, I present to you a short list of 50 tips to lead you to an OUTSTANDING life:

  1. Get serious about gratitude
  2. Smile and connect with strangers – the planet needs this right now
  3. Forgive those who have wronged you
  4. Drink high quality water in abundance
  5. Make exercise and movement a daily practice
  6. Do work that lights up your soul
  7. Expect the best and prepare for the worst
  8. Always use your manners and be elegantly polite
  9. Write – journalling is the gateway inwards
  10. Read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  11. Plan your week so you can be the most effective (and the least stressed)
  12. Find joy in the simple pleasures of life – a blue sky, clean air, great food, friendship, a good nights sleep, a dog at the park having fun…
  13. Know your Top 5 core values that drive your life
  14. Learn how to say NO and be comfortable with it
  15. Avoid watching the news – it is so bleak and dispiriting!
  16. Meditate; find stillness in every day
  17. Speak less and listen more
  18. Take responsibility for your actions and apologise for any negative impact you have on others – own your shit!
  19. Get a mentor or hire a coach
  20. Eat less food, but more nutritionally dense food
  21. Swim in the ocean – as much as you possibly can
  22. Find more people to look up to; be inspired to stretch yourself
  23. Be a hero to someone
  24. Tread lightly on the planet – reuse, recycle, reduce, or REFUSE!
  25. Save 10% of your income each month
  26. Listen to music that makes you feel light
  27. Walk in nature and notice its beauty
  28. Write thank you cards to those who’ve helped you in the past – send them via snail mail
  29. Create magic moments with those that you love – often
  30. Have 5 amazing friends who totally have your back
  31. Unplug your TV
  32. Read or listen to something of value every day
  33. Be content with what you have; appreciate it
  34. Pursue your dreams with focus and clarity
  35. Be authentic. People can smell insincerity a mile away
  36. Never miss a moment to celebrate another person’s wins – big or small
  37. Get clear on your mission for this life
  38. Don’t listen to the naysayers
  39. Know your strengths as well as your growth areas
  40. Focus your mind on an abundance mentality as opposed to a lack mentality
  41. Be patient – it will happen, it is coming, you are almost there!
  42. Don’t give up – EVER
  43. Clean up your mess
  44. Be impeccable with your word
  45. Give more than you receive
  46. Explore the planet; be adventurous
  47. Honour your parents – they did the best they could with what they had
  48. Be an excellent team player
  49. Be the best person you know
  50. Make this life of yours matter

May your life be truly Outstanding!

Love Kate-3


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