We have entered the final quarter of the year, can you believe it!?

At this time of year, I always start to reflect on what has happened during the year so far and check-in with myself to see what shape I’m in to start the next one.

I find that reflecting about things in December seems a little late in the game.

If we want to hit the ground running in 2019 it’s important to understand that there are things that will need addressing – and some of these things are going to take a little bit more prep time! I’m sorry but two weeks at the end of December (during the holiday season when everyone is at their most relaxed and lazy) just won’t cut it. When you think about it, the last six weeks of the year are always hectic: there are Christmas parties, social gatherings, family functions, and the travel involved to get to these events can be onerous for a lot of people.

October is a great month to evaluate where you are at in the seven major areas of your life. This gives you a few weeks to think about where you’re at now and come up with an action plan. November is a great month to implement the new plan and make any necessary adjustments. And then December is about maintaining the new plan so that you can start the new year already being along the path to making it amazing.

Below are theSeven Areas of your Healththat you can look at and evaluate.

Give yourself a score out of ten for each area and consider/write down why you chose that number.

  • Physical Health– What sort of condition are you in? How have you been treating your body? Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating food that is nourishing? Are you exercising in a way that supports your health and vitality?


  • Mental Health– How are your thought patterns? Are you open to new ideas and ways of thinking? Have you been seeking new experiences and growth opportunities? What is the quality of the entertainment and information that you are consuming on a daily basis?


  • Spiritual Health– How connected do you feel to a higher power? Do you feel that you have a sense of purpose and peace in your life? Do you have rituals in your day that support your spirit? How do you take care of your heart and soul?


  • Career Health– Are you happy doing what you are doing? Does your work reflect your values and bring a sense of contentedness? Is your work meaningful to you and does it suit your skills and natural talents?


  • Financial Health– Are you living within your means? If you have debt, is it manageable? Do you contribute to charities and make donations? Are you saving for the future? Do you have a solid financial plan?


  • Family Health– Are you in a loving relationship and have happy interactions with those around you? Do you give time and attention to those closest to you? What do you do on a regular basis to foster happy and harmonious relationships with your family?


  • Social Health– Are you getting out and about and being social? Who are you surrounding yourself with and are you enjoying your social engagements? What new things do you do to keep yourself stimulated and active?

More than likely there are areas of your life where you have rated yourself very highly – great job! These areas are not the ones that you want to be focusing on for the next couple of months. Based on the score you gave yourself, you are already taking consistent action and it is producing the results that you want, so that is great.

The areas where you have not rated yourself so highly can now be put under the microscope and examined more closely.

A great question to ask yourself in these areas is:

What would it take for this area to become a 10 out of 10? What would I need to be doing to make this area become a 10? How can I implement these actions into my daily/weekly life?

Be honest with yourself! Based on your answers, decide on what action is going to get you the most powerful results and then do it!

I appreciate this sounds very simple but guess what? It totallyis!

It really isn’t hard to assess, identify,implement,and act.

Bring on 2019!


Love Kate-3

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