I am juice-fasting at the moment. It is something that I like to do twice a year to give my body a chance to clean, rest, restore and rebuild. The first couple of days are normally a bit tough as my body starts to detox, but by day three I am feeling like a million bucks.

I had a colleague the other day question me on why I need to do this.

The short answer is, I don’t.

I don’t need to do it but I consider giving my body a break an act of self-love – and that is something that I am very passionate about!

I mean, this is the vehicle that houses my spirit! Why wouldn’t I want to take the very best care of it?

I read once that the way we treat ourselves in our forties is setting us up for our seventies. Thank God it wasn’t our twenties or I’d be screwed! I want to be healthy well into my nineties so I consider juice-fasting an investment in my future.

I was reading an email from Mindvalley, the amazing global school for humanity, and I came across a quotation that got me thinking.

“There are two types of longevity. It’s about the years in your life. 
But it’s also about the life in your years.”

It was said by Jay Shetty– an award winning host, storyteller and viral content creator who I think is a total Rockstar!

So: Two types of longevity?

Am I taking equal care of the life in my years?

As much care as I’m taking care of the years in my life?

Sure, I am extending my life by taking care of my body, but am I taking care of my spirit by ensuring that there is an abundance of life and love in it every day?

This called for some reflection.

I went and pulled out my Goals Books, Gratitude Diaries, as well as some old journals I’d kept and thought I’d spend half an hour observing what things I consistently wrote about. What exactly am I filling my life with – and is it what I need for my spirit to flourish?

Well I must say this was an extremely cathartic experience!! In particular I loved reading through my Gratitude Diary – the same things kept coming up over and over again:people, moments, and variety.

My life is full of people and connection in the sense that I’ve got my family, friends, clients, mentors, as well as my extended family in the Tony Robbins world. I also have my colleagues, random strangers who I get to engage with every day, the animals in my life, Source Energy or God, and of course nature.

I reflected that my life is also full of moments: a breakthrough with a client, painting with my niece in the afternoon sun, discovering an amazing new restaurant, swimming in the ocean, getting on planes to visit people I love, finding immense pleasure in a bath on a rainy day… the list goes on.

I was also pleased when I realised my life is also very full of variety. No day looks the same in my world: coaching, affiliate marketing, flying, getting up at dawn, sleeping in until 8am, lunch with a primary school friend, and dinner with a new friend from the networking event I went to last week.

I was chuffed, and two hours later I find myself basking in the warm glow of reliving so many beautiful memories! I really do feel confident that I am putting as much effort into the life in my years as I am putting into the years in my life.

So back to the original question – do I need to do a juice-fast twice a year?

No, I don’t need to.

But my birthright is happiness, joy, health and abundance. Every day in every way I am making choices about my longevity and the only person who is responsible for that is me.

Something to think about….

Love Kate-3




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