When Was The Last Time You Were Naked In Public?

I imagine this question strikes fear into many of your hearts! So many of us aren’t even comfortable being naked in the privacy of our own homes – like in front of our loved ones or a full length mirror.

On Sunday I was in Sydney to take part in the 5th annual “Sydney Skinny”. The Sydney Skinny is a nude race (well more of a splash around than a race!) which is swum in Middle Harbour and raises money for the Charlie Teo Foundation, a brain cancer research charity.

This is the second year I have participated and I must say that there is a lot to be said for getting your kit off and swimming in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

It’s liberating.

It’s empowering.

But most profoundly, it’s equalising.

Last year when I swam I was a little daunted at the thought of being naked in front of so many people. I remember as we were walking down to the beach that my heart was beating a bit faster than normal, and I am pretty sure I had a mild “deer in the headlights” look going on!

Within minutes of being in the Harbour and feeling the water on my body (as well as seeing so many people laughing and having fun), all of my fears and concerns were quite literally washed away.

I just focused on how freeing and liberating it felt, and made sure that I took in the spectacular views. I had such a sense of gratitude with that first race – gratitude that I said yes to the opportunity, and that I could support Charlie Teo (he is such a lovely man!) in his life-changing work. Getting to make these wild memories with one of my best friends was also another huge bonus for me.

Back to equalising though. It became apparent very quickly on that first swim that we were all just a bunch of people of all different shapes, sizes, colours, backgrounds, religions, cultures and ages who are doing their best and having some fun.

All the fears I had about being naked in front of strangers stemmed from me comparing myself to what the “ideal” woman looks like and how I am not that woman. I have a bum and thighs and my boobs are on the small side. I have got stretch marks from my teenager growth spurt and the beginnings of bunions on my feet. The media has made it clear that the “ideal” woman has a very different body to the one I have, and as much I have grown through my body image issues there is nothing like the thought of getting naked with a thousand other people to be triggered!

My realisation was that all my discomfort, suffering and fear came from judgment – judgment that I am not the “ideal” shape and that I have blemishes on my body, for example. The fact is though, this vessel has carried me through 42 years of life…of course there are a few dings here and there!

On the beach with all the naked swimmers around me it became clear that there is no “ideal” man or woman. The media has done us such a great disservice and sold us such a terrible story. That story is that we are not enough and that perfection is the only beautiful thing. But what is perfection anyway?? The media’s story prevents us from celebrating the amazing bodies that we have been given, and it further heightens our need to compare.

We are all unique and most importantly – beautiful – in our own way. Instead of comparing ourselves, we should be celebrating ourselves. It is our differences that make us special, not our sameness.

As Osho, the Indian spiritual guru says:

“Whoever told you that the bamboo is more beautiful than the oak, or the oak more valuable than the bamboo?

Do you think the oak wishes it had a hollow trunk like this bamboo?

Does the bamboo feel jealous of the oak because it is bigger and its leaves change colour in the fall?

The very idea of the two trees comparing themselves to each other seems ridiculous, but we humans seem to find this habit very hard to break.”

Returning this year to the Sydney Skinny was even more enjoyable than the first time. This time around I didn’t judge myself and as a result I didn’t feel judged. I was just so excited about getting in the water again and it was the most beautiful day! My friends and I relaxed happily on the beach post-race and even got in to swim the course a second time.

The nudity wasn’t even an issue.

The whole event is really just a celebration of life, connection, humanity and everyone being uniquely themselves. As I lay in bed at the end of the day I thanked my body for all the amazing work she does day in and day out – she deserves so much praise for all that she does – and this weekend reminded me of that.



10 replies on “Get your Nude on

  1. Talk about a catchy title!
    No I was not disappointed…
    Ok just a liiitle bit!
    I did a 30km walk around Noosa about 6months ago, including through a nude beach.
    I was sursprised at how many negative comments I heard about it.
    Sounds like a great event xxx

    1. It is fascinating what nudity brings up for people. The amazing thing is that it is so irrelevant when we were participating. I think its more about the thought of it (and the judgement that comes) than the actually nudity. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Glorious sky. It would have been stunning day for a swim in open water.

    I thought about your comment on ‘the media’. Perhaps some media – certainly not all – could be blamed. By and large what you said has an element of truth. However, what we perceive as ‘the ideal’ body shape changed over the years as we all know. The Kardashians would have been labelled way too fat when we were younger say in the 90s. They are ‘hot’ now. I’m not certain to what extent people are being sold the idea of ideals these days. Persuasive power seems to have been distributed/dissolved quite a bit. No one party could be blamed for our collective neuosis/discomfort on any number of subjects especially in this digital age. So maybe just maybe we are all simply responsible for whatever we’re feeling.

    Also, you, the content writing blogger, now belong to the collective media whether you realise it or not (perhaps not in conventional sense). 🙂

    1. The Kardashians, well Kim at least has paid to have butt implants so it is still a fake reality. I am guessing too, that the butt implant people gave her free implants to “promote” the look of their products. I do completely agree with you the the trends change. Look at tattoos, back in the ’60’s it was all about having Mum tattooed on your bicep, now its having your kids names and birth dates tattooed on you instead. I also agree that there are media groups supporting different things and our job is to be responsible for what we consume. I was blown away to see massive digital advertising boards in the train stations in Sydney, as much as I am very cautious of what I consume at home, the minute we leave our front door we are being targeted by advertisers. This is what I mean when I say “media”, maybe a bit too much of a sweeping statement!

      I love your comments Honey, they always make me think and I am so grateful for that! Today I am just sitting with the new knowledge that I am now a part of the machine 🙂 I hadn’t even considered that! K x

  3. Good on you Kate. I did the Sydney Skinny last year and before this had never been to Cobblers Beach before (I didn’t even know it existed!). Now I’m a regular at the beach. It’s a great place with a friendly and accepting crowd.

  4. Nice post Kate. I was one of the swimmers in this year’s Sydney Skinny and was impressed by the way it was so well organised. I’ve always been a bit prudish so was surprised how comfortable I ended up being talking to strangers in the buff on the beach afterwards. The whole event had a great atmosphere, and I really now need to get back to Cobblers one weekend to see what it’s like when the swim isn’t on.

    1. I completely agree Cathy, it is an extremely well organised event. Like you, I found the nudity post swim to be so irrelevant. We were just a group of human beings on a beach together. It certainly promotes acceptance as well as self love. It was a real judgement free zone. Thank you for your comments and I might see you next year! K x

  5. The 2019 Sydney Skinny will be on 17 March, and also the GNA crew are hosting a BBQ this Sunday 16 September from 12.30pm. Will be fun! (check out getnakedaustralia on Instagram for details).

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