The Breakthrough to Bold was where my journey began with Kate. I had hit a brick wall in my life and nothing seemed to be going my way. Little did I realise the blocks I was facing was all to do with my own limiting beliefs.

Over the six months I coached with Kate, she brought me to recognise all the hindering behaviours and patterns I had adapted throughout my life. She helps  you to gain a deeper awareness of how the mind works and teaches you how to shift it into a new paradigm to achieve your life goals. I created an online business within a matter of months, something that I never thought would be possible in such a short space of time.

I can’t thank Kate enough for the positive impact she has made on my life. I have a much more profound sense of self, confidence in my abilities and most importantly taking moments each day to celebrate who I am.
If you want to make some serious changes in your life for the better, Kate is a game changer.

– Jesse Emmerson, Totz Online, Owner

Breakthrough to Bold is a workshop that stopped time, and forced me to look within. With Kate and Vicki telling stories of their own life journeys, I felt more vulnerable then I ever usually allow myself. I was pushed through my emotions, and was even brought to silent tears on more then one occasion throughout the event. I took what I learnt with Breakthrough to Bold, and decided I to was valuable, I could achieve great things, and I owed it to myself to surround myself with people who back me too.

Within the month I felt empowered enough to completely changed my path, starting a new career within my field.

Kate and Vicki helped me reconnect to myself, hold myself accountable and to create the best version of me.

– Jillian Brooks, Workshop Participant, Perth

Kate has truly changed my life.  I was a stressed out professional, working 24/7, with little to no time for my family and for myself.  By examining my wheel of life, we identified the areas that needed more nurturing, and developed a plan to bring more balance back into my life.  Kate gently and positively helped me to regain that balance and I and my family are so much the better for it.  Like a pebble dropped into water, the ripple effect has also brought more perspective across my entire life, empowering me to be my best in all situations.  You can’t help but feel uplifted when you work with Kate.  Her engaging approach, enthusiasm, positivity, caring and love, shine like a beacon.  Kate is a very special person, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her.

– Margaret Jones. PhD GAICD

I started having coaching sessions with Kate about 8 months ago and was blown away by the incredible insights she had that opened my eyes to how I and the people around me were working. Her incredible understanding of human behaviour has helped give me strategies to have better relationships and given me the understanding to adapt a few things to get a much better result!

But the main thing is that I know I have so much to learn from kate, I’ve had coaching for years and have always looked for the best coaches and I know that I will continue to have sessions with kate for many many years to come!

Kate has really helped me to see patterns in my life that I’ve consistently had struggles around (some from childhood) and has helped me to react differently totally diffusing the problem and creating a new way of living that feels so much easier and is such a weight off my shoulders!

The thing that really sets Kate apart is her total love and care towards everyone in her life, Kate treats you like family, she truely cares about all of her clients which when matched with her incredible knowledge and how to implement this into life is like magic!!

I cannot thank Kate enough for not only being my incredible coach, but for also helping me to understand myself much more deeply and has helped me to really know how to take care of myself and therefore have a more positive impact on the people around me!

– Aimie Smith, Aimie Smith Personal Training, Sydney

Kate has a wonderful way of getting in touch with you from the outset. Initially I was a little sceptical how “over the phone” consultations would work without that face to face contact, however, Kate managed to put me at ease in a way that I didn’t think possible to do with a stranger over the phone from the first chat.!

Kate has helped me tremendously over the past couple of months particularly with “mind shifts” and ways to change my thought processes from negative to positive outcomes regarding personal relationships, work conundrums and life in general. Kate has excellent skills in assisting with defining your goals and then finding pathways to achieve them.
After every session with Kate, I felt empowered, confident and eager to work towards my goals.
I would highly recommend Kate to anybody who requires direction with their goals & desires and needs some guidance in how to achieve their goals and dreams.
I wish Kate all the success that she deserves in making her dreams come to life!

— Anne Beare, Cairns

The coaching I have received from Kate has had more impact on my life than I could ever have imagined. She has coached me through two especially challenging periods in my life and the impact has been so powerful. Her understanding of communication and the way she uses it to achieve positive outcomes is inspiring and unbelievably effective.

Most recently, my husband and I engaged Kate to coach us after we started working together. The impact on our working and personal relationship has been life-changing and we’ve never communicated so well. We now have clearer goals and we’re actually reaching them as a result.
I can’t recommend Kate more highly as a coach, she has genuinely changed my life for the better.

–Francis Blackie, FRWD Databases, Perth

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kate for the past nine months. Kate is a visionary leader who has had a positive influence on the way I see the world. I’m now really clear about my core values and my future career aspirations. I’ve been on an incredible journey with Kate and I strongly believe she has helped me to become the best version of myself in all areas of my life. I’d highly recommend Kate to anyone who is interested in self-improvement and strives not to accept a mediocre life.

–Vicki Hodgson, GAICD

Kate helped me to develop a more thorough understanding of myself, and how “I” work. At the time, I was starting a new business, and wanted to set it up so that I had more time to spend on the things that I love (inside and outside of work), while still providing a high standard of service for my clients. Understanding my “work values” and my “personal values”, and how they may be different (and they are for me), and the implication that this has on stress levels and work/life balance was hugely significant for me.

Her help has been invaluable, and I continue to work on the things that she has taught me on a daily basis. I would recommend Kate to anyone, especially those looking for someone who can help them tone more productive, have more spare time, and less stress.

– Cam Johnson, Cam Johnson Physiotherapy, Perth

I was very lucky to have Kate as my coach when I needed some advice on an important issue. Already after couple of coaching sessions I noticed a change in my way of thinking and dealing with my issue – I do not think I would have been able to do this without Kate. Kate creates a secure atmosphere and is very supportive and positive. Further, she has an amazing skill to reflect what she hears and by doing so, she identifies both new opportunities and thinking models that are not supportive. She challenged me to take responsibility for my situation. and I cannot express how grateful I am for the help Kate provided to me.

-Jenni Myllys, Perth