I have been working with Kate for over a year. I loved our sessions so much that I extended my 12 sessions by another 6. She has helped me so much in both my professional and personal life. Things that look so big and daunting have become easier to handle.
Kate has given me a much better perspective in life, encouraged me in so many ways to take those difficult steps to lighten my load and improve my life. Since I met her, I have overcome my crushing anxiety, learned self-love, the relationship with my husband has improved significantly, (he has become a happier man too) my work has become easier, even friends have noticed the difference.
With all the tools she has given me, now I know what I am facing in life and what to do with it. She also gave me so many great books which helped me a lot. I felt like I was a gushing river, now I have become a peaceful lake. I highly recommend Kate as a life coach to those seeking to grow as a person and improve the quality of their lives.

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