Breakthrough to Bold

I remember a time when I just wouldn’t make a decision for fear of getting it wrong. I was going through a series of challenges: my marriage was in a terrible state, my health wasn’t great and I was confused about what direction to take. I felt almost paralysed and I was incredibly frustrated at life … Continue reading Breakthrough to Bold

You are 100% responsible

This last week a prospective coaching client asked me what is one powerful belief I live my life by. Firstly, I must say, what an outstanding question to ask someone who you are considering employing to coach and guide you! My answer: we are 100% responsible for exactly where we are right now in our life. Just … Continue reading You are 100% responsible

Reclaiming your voice

It seems like one of those easy things, speaking up. I mean, all you have to do is open your mouth and let the words flow out. Yet for some reason, this is an incredibly challenging task for many people. Why? Well, there is a whole plethora of reasons but speaking from personal experience, I … Continue reading Reclaiming your voice

Hard core withdrawals from the good stuff…

I have just had nine glorious days of love, connection and a whole lot of hugging, and jeez man, that stuff is the business! We all need to be hugging more!! I have recently gotten home from a Tony Robbins event called Date with Destiny.  It's a six day event and it really is a … Continue reading Hard core withdrawals from the good stuff…

E + R = O, and it’s not algebra!

  Well this is a bit of a flash back to year 10 mathematics and to be honest, algebra was never one of my favourite things. In case you feel similarly to me about algebra, I ask that you hang in there. This equation, when applied well, can change your life! Yep, dead-set change your … Continue reading E + R = O, and it’s not algebra!

Love your Inner child and your life will change

There is a photo on my desk that I look at every single time I sit down to work. The photo is of me which most probably sounds pretty arrogant....... "Jeez, why would she feel the need to look at a photo of herself?" I can hear you saying. Well, let me clarify, it's a … Continue reading Love your Inner child and your life will change

The Right Questions

So here it is: The QUALITY of the question you ask will dictate the QUALITY of the answer you get. The answer you get will dictate the decision you make. The decision you make will dictate the action you choose. The action you choose will dictate the life you create. The life you create will … Continue reading The Right Questions

Four things you want to know about yourself to create massive change

So you want things to be different. You have had enough of the status quo. You look back and realise that you have been living the same year over and over again: nothing seems to ever really change and you feel frustrated and disillusioned. What if there were some key pieces of information that, once … Continue reading Four things you want to know about yourself to create massive change

Powerful Teachers change lives

Someone asked me the other day “Who are the top three teachers you have had in your life, Kate?”. I loved this question because I have never really thought about it! I have lots of people that I have learnt from in all sorts of areas over the years, so to actually narrow it down … Continue reading Powerful Teachers change lives

“But I will look like a plonker!!”

I deeply believe that feedback is the “breakfast of champions”. So often, people shy away from giving genuine feedback because they are worried about offending someone or not being liked. I get it. I still fall into that trap too sometimes. When I was younger, I very rarely gave feedback if I thought it could … Continue reading “But I will look like a plonker!!”